Twiggy’s modern range of wardrobe-building staples and standout pieces are simple style solutions that ensure you’re at your fashionable, confident best every day. Chic, flattering and easy to wear, the feminine collection focuses on great separates, silhouette-enhancing dresses, luxurious outerwear and brilliantly styled leather. Throw in glamourous details, beautiful fabrics and Twiggy’s signature flattering styling and you have instant wardrobe favourites that will see you through the season in style.

From to right:     Bonded Lace Bodycon Dress,  Bias Cut Fit Flare Dress and Waterfall Cardigan

Twiggy’s M&S Summer Collection:     1) Bonded Lace Bodycon Dress  2) Bias Cut Fit Flare Dress  3) Waterfall Cardigan

Twiggy talks about her love of fashion ‘You know I’m always asked where my obsession with clothes and design comes from and I think it probably goes right back to when I was really young, when I was 11 or 12, when I learnt to sew. And I think it was for economic reasons in the, you know the 50’s when my mum would make our clothes and then I became a mod as a teenager and as a mod it was a strict way of dressing, you had to have a certain blouse, you had to have a certain skirt, you had to have a certain jacket, but you couldn’t really buy them’

‘I’m very aware of how to put clothes together, picking the right fabrics, how they work, how you cut them’

‘Me and my best friend Jennifer, I used to make our outfits, we were only allowed out on a Saturday night because we were only about 15 and I’d be there after school sewing our skirts, sewing our little blouses.’

‘Before the whole thing happened to me as a model when I was 16 that’s what I wanted to do, I wanted to go to art school, fashion design and I wanted to become a designer.’

Twiggy's M&S Classic Collection

Twiggy’s M&S Classic Collection:    1) Drape Bodycon Dress  2) Scallop Hem Lace Top  3) Floral Lace Bodycon Dress

The model is quoted as saying ‘I refuse to say women of certain ages should not wear certain things. It’s all about how you wear it,’ she said.

‘It makes me crazy when I read magazines which say “if you’re a teenager wear this, if you’re 30, wear this, if you’re 40, wear this”.

‘I don’t follow the rules. I never did, and I’m not going to start now’


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